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Business Intelligence (BI) empowers business users to gain better insights and make informed business decisions. BI tool is a decision support software that helps organizations capture, organize and analyze organizational data to make better decisions. The data could include internal data from company departments and data from external sources, such as marketing data services, social media channels or even macroeconomic information. The software provides essential insights to help businesses grow by giving information they need about product, sales, and customer behaviour

Our expertise delivers BI using following platforms:

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I have been associated with Hamavii for quite some time now. The company has met all it’s deadlines with utmost sincerity and perfection.
Elizabeth Sofia
Director, Customer Service,
The company has exemplified leading edge technology and an excellent work culture which will continue to put them ahead of their competitors.
Greg Simmons
Operations Manager
Because of their professionalism, commitment and performance we continue to award Hamavii with additional projects and increased call volume.
Susan Murphy
Head of Customer Service




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